Harmony and Relaxation


SevenSounds unites the strength and energy of seven women. We are all professional Sound Massage practitioners and we all work with singing bowls both on our own and together as a group called SevenSounds. 

We have been playing our singing bowls, gongs and cymbals in various events, for example public swimming halls in Töölö and Malmi, as well as Kamppi Chapel and Malmi Church in Helsinki. In the summer of 2017 SevenSounds took part in the Finnish Sauna Festival in Helsinki. SevenSounds has been regularly playing in Flamingo Spa in Vantaa since 2014. 

Sound Bath with SevenSounds 

The harmonious Sound Bath is an extremely efficient relaxation method for groups. These soothing sounds take both your mind and body to a peaceful and harmonious state of deep relaxation. This state of utmost well-being is so enjoyable, you would like stay there forever. 

The state of deep relaxation can relieve stress, improve your vitality and it gives both your body and mind a possibility to recover and relieve the tension and stress of the everyday life. After treatment you feel reinvigorated and calm. You may continue your day refreshed and with increased creativity. 

Sound Bath treatment is suited to be given almost anywhere, schools, theatres, out in the open etc. If you can imagine it, we can carry it out.

Individual Sound Massage session by members of SevenSounds 

During the deeply relaxing Sound Massage session, the harmonious singing bowls are played softly both on your body and next to it. The vibrations you feel, along with the harmonious sounds of the bowls, will gently take you to the wonderful, deeply relaxed state of peace and happiness. 

Sound Massage is a highly effective way to take care of yourself with its long lasting health benefits. The sounds and vibrations take you to a wonderful journey to a dreamlike world, where everything is possible. 

Sound Massage is an experience you must try for yourself, because there are no words to describe the wonderful feeling you get from it. 

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